A Season of Change

As we approach the new season, I am reminded of the symbolism of this time of year. The leaves on the trees have already begun to subtly change. I watch with anticipation and expectancy the show of transformation. The trees and the leaves change form before our very eyes, displaying the brilliant colors of Fall. The climax of the season heralds yet another transformation and lesson for us all. Letting go. Not with grief or sadness, but with the gratitude of a good season, fully expressed and now ready to stand in the stillness, emptied, and poised to receive again the life force of creation’s “what next”.

This year there is a different feel in the air of the world. Change is underway. Many are mesmerized by the screen of events that are on display in the world of appearances. But this show seems marked by an impending anxiety and fear of what is becoming of our world and our humanity. Crisis and chaos have become the norm as the display of separation make its final appearance. I have witnessed the fear, despair, anger, and angst within this community and beyond. I hear the heart’s desire to make a difference coupled with the disbelief that any one person can even make an impact. Underlying this, I don’t but wonder, if folks would rather cling to the all too familiar chaos rather than to embark upon a journey of letting go. Now is not the time to cling to what has been. Rather, it is time we all let go. Let the old paradigm self-destruct, that we may be emptied and ready to receive, in the stillness, a new paradigm.

When the needs of the world seem so insurmountable and the question of “How can I make a difference?” crosses your mind, remember that in all things we Begin Within. This community leads with a powerful Mission. We are here to make a difference in the only meaningful way we can. We are committed to impacting change at the root of the issue, at its cause, at the heart of our humanity, through the shared belief that one life transformed by the renewing of mind changes the world.  

A few weeks ago, I told the story of a group of childhood friends gathered together near a quarry, crafting the master plan to jump off a forbidden cliff into the water below. As they approached the edge, the plan to jump off together deteriorated as one tried to convince another to go first. “You First”. Right in that moment, standing on the precipice, the fear kicks in. It seems natural to hope that someone else will go first. But as I said, this spiritual transformation, this desire to awaken to our divine identity, is a “You First” proposition.

There is no doubt about it, YOU matter! It has been said, “YOU are the one we’ve been waiting for.” And, there’s no guarantee that someone else is coming! So, why not you? And, why not now?

This month our theme is TransForm & Thrive in BeLOVED Spiritual Community. Our mission is to let go of the mindset of fear that keeps us mesmerized by the old and dying paradigm. Its promise of keeping you safe is not going to happen. The days of playing it safe by old standards are gone. It is time to let go, to let loose the grandeur of your being and to allow the display of your magnificence to finally be shared for all to see. It is time for you to move beyond the form of yesterday. It is time for YOU to truly thrive! As you do, look out world! You will know with certainty what is yours to do and you will jump first into your role of being the change in our world that is ready for you now. Come on! You First!

You will not be alone. At UTSC, you are part of a beloved community where you are loved. Together, we dive deep within, support one another in our letting go, we learn together our Divine nature, and we celebrate the moments sharing our magnificence. We are one. We are Unity. Together, we transform, thrive, and thereby see the world that truly works for all. Join us in October for a powerful lineup of speakers, messages, meditations, and classes, all designed to support you in your journey to transform and thrive.

Rev. Claudia Tambur

Senior Minister & Spiritual Leader

Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center