Numerology: John Davis

Numerology Sessions with Renowned, John Davis

- Only 5 Sessions Left Open -

It is our pleasure, at Unity of Toledo, to have John Davis available to do numerology sessions Saturday February 16th starting at 11 am-6pm. Session will last for approximetley 25 minuates in the Small Chapel at 3535 Executive Parkway. John will need the following info by Feb 13th for your reading:

Your full birth name as it reads on your birth certificate

Month, Day, Year of birth

Please email this information to Dara at Payment needs to be made in advance, please make $60 credit card payment below.

John’s readings bring past life issues into the present life.  This numerology scientific profile is a blueprint for the potential opportunities as well as challenges, karmic patterns and hidden abilities. 

The secret language revealed in the name indicates past lives.  The date of birth is the physical destiny.  A new feature of his personality profiles reveals a hidden spiritual purpose given to each soul exactly nine months after their birth.

 John Davis is Director of the Coptic Fellowship International, an action oriented modern philosophy based upon laws of balanced living originally introduced by the Egyptian Mystery schools. He is also Director of the Spiritual Unity of Nations, dedicated to “The World as One Family.” John is the founder of the World Service Order program, training metaphysical leaders since 1985. John is also an Egyptologist who has taken 30 tours to Egypt, and an internationally-known personal and planetary numerologist.

He currently has a new book out called, Be The Light of the World. John will discuss the principles of this book as Speaker at Unity on Sunday February 17 at 10:30 am.

John Davis