A Message of Love and Appreciation

It has been the greatest honor of my life to have served this community.

Over three years ago we began a journey together.  At the time, it seemed uncertain as to whether we would survive as a spiritual community. I began with a simple, yet profound question: "Are you willing to be made new?" With courage and confidence, the answer was a "YES". Of course, none of us knew exactly what that would mean, right? We trusted in God, in spiritual principle and the transformative power of Love to lead us.

I have witnessed an amazing transformation, of individual lives and the community. Many have been "all in" -- fully committed to awakening to a new experience of life; willing to change and mature, to release and let go. And what happened? A shift in consciousness, healings, unprecedented expressions and experiences of life.

I have shared often: "I love what I do. I do what I love. And I love who I get to do it with." Countless individuals have crossed over the threshold into our community, some for a season, others for a reason, and many for a lifetime. What a gift each is! All welcomed, all touched by the pervading energy of the love of this community.

For this reason, it has been very difficult to share that Tony and I will be leaving Toledo. It is difficult to heed the call of a new vision, a new direction, when the current one is so filled with love. And yet, the call was clear and compelling. I will be releasing my role as Senior Minister at UTSC effective the first week of April. We will be moving to Nashville where we will serve another spiritual community that has called us forth.

We move forward in love and appreciation for our experience at Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center. Thank you for being "my first" spiritual community to see in me their spiritual leader. Thank you for your love and unwavering support. Thank you for embracing my beloved Tony Williamson and seeing his power and strength as a spiritual leader. Thank you for being gentle and forgiving of us when we missed the mark. You have my heart now and always. For only love is real, eternal, and that's exactly what we have experienced together.

It is a tender time for us all. Please hold one another in your hearts, as I do now. Allow this experience with the inherent feelings and emotions, to rise. Trust it all. Love it, embrace it, forgive it, and release it, that we may all transcend it and move clearly into our next expression. There are no ordinary moments, my friends! This one is perfect for our awakening!

So, I simply know that my work here is complete. I trust that the next right and perfect spiritual leader is already heeding a distant call to be here with you, to carry this community to its next magnificent experience. I already see the leadership of this community rising now to guide you. My invitation to you? Stay present. Stay present and participate in this amazing opportunity to go on recreating beloved community endlessly, and yourself along the way.

All love and blessings to you!

Reverend Claudia