A Message from Board President Natalie Vorst

Dear Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center Community,

As Board President, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Reverend Claudia Tambur and her fiancé Tony Williamson for their leadership, service and ministry here at UTSC.  They came to us as a prayer answered just over three years ago through following the thread of desire that called to them.  They have recently shared with us that a new calling has come forward and they will be moving to Tennessee where Rev. Claudia will become the Senior Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living in Nashville.  Tony’s family is there and this will also offer them the opportunity to be closer to them. Their last day with us will be Easter Sunday. As a Board we trust that the call that brought them here and that which calls them forth now are rooted in love and divine guidance. We wish them all the best on their new adventure.  

In moments of transition so many emotions can come forward and I am reminded of the phrase in The Way of Mastery, “all events are neutral”.  I say this because while the call for them to move forward may feel bittersweet for many of us we know and trust all is in divine order.  At Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center we teach that our thoughts are at cause for our experience. What this means is that now more than ever we must stay present and put forth the vision we’d like to bring to fruition for UTSC.  What I know is that this amazing community of love called into our experience these masterful teachers and ministers and we will do that again.  Throughout this transition the Board is committed to keeping our Sunday service and meditation as is and we are exploring all options for classes.  We encourage our sweet family of Unity community to stick together and share in supporting one another through this transition process.  

Your support is vital to this journey so I ask you to ask yourself "What am I being called to do here?"  Maybe you are the constant presence on Sunday that comes to be a stronghold for love or you are willing to enhance your experience by joining in sacred service as an usher, reader or bookstore ambassador who welcomes the new folks...  Maybe you are in an ongoing class and you are willing to assist in facilitating it as a book study group until a teacher returns or you are willing to be a part of small task groups that will assist the board as we navigate this transition.  Or maybe your heart is being called to take on a leadership role and serve as a Board Member…  What I know is that all are called to share their love and talents. What I know is this transition offers us an opportunity to connect to a deeper experience of Oneness. To say Yes! to this deeper connection through offering your love and support through your specific call to action please, contact, me, Natalie Vorst, Board Chair at nvorst88@gmail.com or 419-304-1640. We will also be doing sign ups before and after service for specific needs and I look forward hearing your Yes!  

When I ask what is true here I get an overwhelming response of love.  Love is what is true and binding here.  Love is what has transformed my life and love is what led me and welcomed me to be a part of the Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center family.  I know it is love that has moved the same within you. I know that it is love that Rev. Claudia and Tony reflected back to us that taught us to see it so clearly in ourselves and one another.  That kind of love experience is like a bell that can’t be un-rung. We practice what it is to know one another through love.  These tools of how to love ourselves and thus love one another well have been activated through their ministry. For this gift, may Rev. Claudia and Tony know and feel our gratefulness always. Now it is from this grateful heart that we will release and send them forth to their next greatest good. It is within the space of this grateful heart that we know we are now receiving our next greatest good as well.  May love be our guiding star and our true north as we navigate transition together.  May we buoy each other with love through any rough waters. May love be the call to action for all hands on deck.  May we activate our own compass by remembering to pause and ask, “What is the Truth here?”  What I know is true is that Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center is a family that chooses transformation through love… So come on in the water is fine! 

With a Grateful Heart, Natalie Vorst