Membership Classes

NEW Membership Classes for 2021 are here!

We welcome and invite you to join Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center as a Member! We are a community committed to spiritual awakening, together, here and now! Our Membership classes provide a foundation for understanding our teaching as a way of life that supports personal spiritual growth, development and unfoldment empowered by joining in community.  We offer two classes designed to give you an understanding of our community and the basis of our teaching. After completion of the two classes, you may submit an application for membership. We will celebrate new members during our Sunday Celebration.  

Membership Classes are Facilitated by Spiritual Leader Natalie Vorst

How to Become a Member:

1.  Membership Class #1: Unity Basics

2.  Membership Class # 2: Prayer & Spiritual Practices

3.  Complete & Submit an Application stating your Intentions and Desire for Membership (Discussed & Provided during Classes)

Membership Class #1: Unity Basics 

What is Unity? What are Unity Principles? What is Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center? What does it mean to be a Member? What is required? How can I serve this Community?

All of these questions and more are answered during this class. 


Membership Class #2: Prayer & Spiritual Practices

Learn the levels of consciousness and spiritual axioms that are the foundation of Truth teachings.

You will receive an introduction to Affirmative Prayer and Spiritual Practices with tools to begin your personal practice. 

Registration & Information:

NEW Membership Classes  will be held quarterly!

*see calendar for specific listings!