Lullaby Yoga with Johanna Beekman

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Lullaby Yoga™, created by Johanna Beekman, RYT 500, is a unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music. Her classes focus on deep relaxation and healing using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and nada (sound) yoga.

In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing to them. The music—a soothing blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself. Johanna teaches Lullaby Yoga classes at world-class festivals and studios across the US. Please bring your own props if possible. Get a taste of Lullaby Yoga here.

Johanna has recorded, performed, and taught with yoga and kirtan luminaries including Gina Sala, Donna DeLory, Saul David Raye, Kia Miller, Sianna Sherman, Girish, and Dave Stringer. She offers world-inspired soul-full kirtan for top festivals, yoga studios, and churches across the country. Her critically acclaimed albums Heart Beats One and Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul feature many of the original songs and chants that Lullaby Yoga participants have come to know and love. She also founded Shakti United!, a “spiritual Lilith Fair” which empowers the female voice and celebrates the Divine Feminine, and supports girls’ education through Mitrata Nepal.

Johanna Beekman