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A Message of Love and Appreciation

It has been the greatest honor of my life to have served this community.

Over three years ago we began a journey together.  At the time, it seemed uncertain as to whether we would survive as a spiritual community. I began with a simple, yet profound question: "Are you willing to be made new?" With courage and confidence, the answer was a "YES". Of course, none of us knew exactly what that would mean, right? We trusted in God, in spiritual principle and the transformative power of Love to lead us.

Happy ThanksGiving!

“Happy ThanksGiving"

May you be aware of the state of grace as YOU this Thanksgiving. May you know just how wonderful the real you that you are now and forevermore. May you be in high praise and thankfulness moment by moment. And, may this attitude flow easily between all as the light of heaven transpires and conspires for good all around you.

I love you. I am in high praise and gratitude for you. Thank you!

Love, Rev. Claudia

A Gift of Love

“A Gift of Love” by Rev. Claudia Tambur.
A Message delivered on November 12, 2017 for Hospice of Northwest Ohio Annual Memorial Service.

In remembrance of those who made their transition this past year and their loved ones I share this message. Because it is truly for all of us no matter the loss we seem to be experiencing. As we approach the Holiday Season, may this message be a gift to you. Please remember, you are not alone in this experience or in life. May you be reminded of the beautiful and profound Gifts of Love waiting to be received by you.

Be The Gift of Transformation - Pledge 2018

Pledge Drive for 2018: Being the Gift of Transformation.

You are the Gift of Transformation. What do we mean by “transformation”? It is a shift of focus that takes you beyond form. It is time to revolutionize your mind to see beyond appearances, facts, and conditions. Shift your focus away from conditions to the cause that gives rise to all form. Set yourself free. What happens? Your life transforms. You thrive. And, a thriving YOU is the only gift worth giving.

A Season of Change

As we approach the new season, I am reminded of the symbolism of this time of year. The leaves on the trees have already begun to subtly change. I watch with anticipation and expectancy the show of transformation. The trees and the leaves change form before our very eyes, displaying the brilliant colors of Fall. The climax of the season heralds yet another transformation and lesson for us all. Letting go.

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