Be The Gift of Transformation - Pledge 2018

Pledge Drive for 2018: Being the Gift of Transformation.

You are the Gift of Transformation. What do we mean by “transformation”? It is a shift of focus that takes you beyond form. It is time to revolutionize your mind to see beyond appearances, facts, and conditions. Shift your focus away from conditions to the cause that gives rise to all form. Set yourself free. What happens? Your life transforms. You thrive. And, a thriving YOU is the only gift worth giving.

Our Mission at Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center is that we are a thriving, vibrant, spiritual community empowering personal transformation by living the Truth of the Divine within. 

This Mission and Your Gift of Transformation is more relevant today than ever. As the world shows signs of releasing an old paradigm of separation focused upon form, the side effect seems to be a never-ending media feed of chaos, injustice, war, and confusion.

Make a Choice …

The power of decision is yours. Choose today to end this cycle. Choose to invest in your transformation. Choose to invest in this BeLOVED CommUnity. We have chosen to transform the world, by choosing Love moment by moment. Love or Fear? Choose. Choose the power of Love to lead the way to your transformation, that you may thrive and be the gift of transformation in the world 

Make a Pledge …

A promise, a sacred covenant, to end the cycle of separation. Remember, YOU matter. Let your Pledge to Unity of Toledo be an outer symbol of an inner commitment to invest in your personal transformation while also funding our Mission as a Spiritual Center that supports and provides the resources necessary to foster personal transformation.

Make a Difference …

YOU make the difference as you BE the change you wish to see. You first! Begin within. Be the Gift of Transformation that you may thrive. What better way to then be that beneficial presence and power in a world awaiting you.

We are grateful for your gift, your choice, your Pledge and the difference only YOU can make!